Otomatik Milföy, Kruvasan , Dolgulu Börek, Çörek ve Simit Üretim Hatları



– Here’s the FRITSCH LAMINATOR 3000 in a nutshell:
– Cost-effective preparation of dough types of the most varied sorts on an industrial scale — a key to the diversity of your product range.
– Outstanding product quality: FRITSCH SoftProcessing © goes easy on your dough
– The dough sheeting line is low-maintenance and maintenance-friendly, our machines are designed for constant, uninterrupted operation as well as cost effectiveness.
– Simple and easy to operate
– Short switchover times, speedy product changes
– More comfort due to higher degree of automation when laminating
– Robust stainless-steel construction. Durable, hygienically unobjectionable
– Infrequent cleaning, easy cleaning
– Choice of analog, digital or external computer controls
– Sections, driven singly or altogether
– Fully integratable on request into a CIB-System (Computer Integrated Bakery)
– Coherently integratable into the FRITSCH Production line concept



The industrial pastry line
As was once said by the Romans: It’s nice to have variety. It’s easy to achieve variety in your assortment when you use a pastry line IMPRESSA pastry from FRITSCH It doesn’t matter if you are baking whirls, turnovers, Danish or yeast pastries, or if you are attempting large size butterfly cookies; the FRITSCH IMPRESSA pastry support a wide range of moulds and fillings leaving very few options uncovered.

As a result you are always well prepared for the production of new products.
The OneStep-Process© for punching and positioning the products is not only fast and precise but also allows for custom-made punch designs and pastry through the use of moulds to optimize the geometric cut to include the production of leaves, rabbits, or ginger bread men. Maybe you would like to surprise your customers by baking an angel?
Just like with all other FRITSCH IMPRESSA lines the same holds true for the IMPRESSA pastry: The pastry line can be quickly refitted, it is easy to clean – and available in the format needed for your operation.



– All purpose production line for all coiled product types – versatile and flexible
– The perfect introduction to an automated system
– Modular system that can grow with your business
– Punching out and positioning on conveyor belt in one work step – fast and yet gentle on the dough, virtually unlimited variety of dough shapes
– Optimal use of dough sheet
– Simple and easy to operate
– Outstanding product quality for the widest variety of dough types
– Also perfectly suitable for the production of popular mini products
– Robust stainless-steel construction: Durable, clean in operation
– Coilers for filled, unfilled and contoured baked goods
– Easy to clean
– GS-certified for safety
– Certified as DIN ISO 9001/2000



– Cost-effective, fully-automatic production of the widest variety of pastry products on a compact line
– Versatility: numerous additional specialty attachments that integrate easily into the system (calibrating head, filling station, folding plough unit, seeders, streusel strewing units, moistening device, tray cake devices, scissor pattern cutting device, lattice pattern cutting rollers, punching tools, decorating cutting rollers, coiling roll, chelsea bun coiling unit, various retracting units,…)
– Rugged and durable: Frames made of extra-strength stainless steel from top to bottom, end to end.
– Cleaning as easy as it gets: ease of access to all angles and edges – the quick release mechanism makes it expecially easy
– Quiet operation resulting from electrically-powered guillotine
– Synchronized guillotine with additional “pressing” function makes possible an even greater product variety and the highest of quality
– Compact, central and ergonomic control panel for all functions
– Bigger and better touchscreen panel with user-friendly, multi-lingualoperator guide and intuitive controls
– Separate tool trolleys available as optional equipment
– Guaranteed safety through adherence to and application of the latest and most stringent safety standards.



The industrial pizza line
Even for Pizza & Co. we remain true to our principles and cut the form from a sheet of dough. The procedure is cleaner and results in a higher level of accuracy with regard to form and weight. Residual dough is returned to the fresh dough mixture in a controlled process for the purpose of adding flavor.

Our IMPRESSA lines have the capacity to produce pizza in any imaginable form, size, thickness (from crispy Italian to “fluffy” American), and impression: even provincial irregular type edges are not a problem. The crust is always leafy and consistent – including dough that only contains natural ingredients.
In addition to pizza, our system can handle all other types of flat type bread such as naan, pita, and wraps – with or without filling – thin or thick – with or without a fringe and all perfectly formed. As if the master was there himself.